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Tue Oct 21 15:23:28 CEST 2003

John Clews <Scripts2 at> scripsit:

> ... I think that the first priority should be for Han again to
> email the ISO 639-2 Maintenance Agency, asking for Resian to be
> considered as a language, and asking the ISO 639-2 Maintenance Agency
> to pass this to the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee for
> consideration.


> Can this be done? If so, when?

OK. I will file a first request for a language tag for Resian at ISO 639-2.
I think I can have my documentation for the form at http://www.loc.
gov/standards/iso639-2/iso639-2form.html complete by the end of the week. In the 
accompanying e-mail to iso639-2 at I will refer to the discussion on this 

I hereby withdraw the request set for subtags building on "sl-rozaj". I will get 
back to them once ISO 639-2 has handled my request for a primary tag.

Thank you for your kind support,


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