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"Addison Phillips [wM]" writes: [RE: registry vs. extensions...]

> ... My point is that if we register "sl-rojaz" and then
> ISO639 registers "rjz" to be Resian, making sl-rojaz deprecated, isn't that
> messier than just asking that Han go and try ISO639 in the first place? If
> they say "no" then the IANA registry is still an open option, with less risk
> of a registered tag becoming deprecated (since we already have some
> assurance that 639RA won't do something different).

I agree. I think that the first priority should be for Han again to
email the ISO 639-2 Maintenance Agency, asking for Resian to be
considered as a language, and asking the ISO 639-2 Maintenance Agency
to pass this to the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee for

Han: I think that you should also include the further information
that Resian is a separate language related somewhat to (but different
from) Slovene, and that Resian has itself several distinct dialects
(which you would enumerate in your submission).

I think that you would then get a fairly quick reply giving an ISO
639-2 code for Resian.

I don't remember Resian getting discussed by the full ISO 639 Joint
Advisory Committee, which is either an error on the part of the
ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee, or an error in my memory.

Some members and observers on the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee
are also members of ietf-languages at, and would be inclined to
see it allocated a code (and ideally also suggesting one which is not
in either ISO 639-2 OR in the Ethnologue). Doug Ewell suggested that
REZ, ROJ, ROZ, RZJ, and RSN would not cause clashes (with Ethnologue
codes). In my opinion, the prefered order of choice for mnemonic
value would be ROZ, RZJ, RSN, REZ or ROJ, but that's just me, and my
own feeling about endonyms or exonyms being the closest to the
alloted 3-letter code.

You might also like to list ROZ etc in your (re-)submission to the
ISO 639-2 Maintenance Agency.

That should be done (and could be done quite quickly, both by Han,
and when it comes to the attention of the ISO 639 Joint Advisory
Committee, by those who are jointly members of
ietf-languages at and also members/observers on the ISO 639
Joint Advisory Committee.

Can this be done? If so, when?

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