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Mon Oct 20 12:35:13 CEST 2003

John Clews <scripts2 at> scripsit:
> Let's also remember the possible move towards having Resian as a
> language in ISO 639-3, also discussed by the group.
> In terms of the overall format, if that enables a simple tag like
> "res" rather than
> "sl-rozaj" it will also make for much simpler subtags like
> "res-bisk..." rather than the more cumbersome
> "sl-rozaj-bisk..."
> [res hasn't been checked by me as to whether or not it's an
> Ethnologue code already, and I am assuming that "bisk..." will be
> used rather than "bisk" (i.e. avoiding 4-letter subtags)]

Do you mean that it is better to wait with any further requests for subtags 
after the decision to add Resian to ISO 639-3 has been taken? If so, is there 
any indication how long the process may take, assuming Resian will be included 
in the Ethnologue list?

"RES" is already being used by Ethnologue.

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