sl-rozaj: language-dialect-subdialect strings

John Clews Scripts2 at
Sat Oct 18 19:16:13 CEST 2003

In order of comments,
> Doug Ewell < dewell at> scripsit:
> > I would think *all* of the the tags that are projected to be needed
> > should be requested at the same time.  That would prevent any more
> > surprises of the form "Now that X has been registered, we need X1, X2,
> > X3..."

In message <1066293158.3f8e57a676b02 at>
han.steenwijk at writes:

> I am sorry about that. I just thought I could only file a request
> for a subtag after the tag on which it builds is already registrated.
> Therefore I wanted to file tags like "sl-rozaj-bisk-1994" *after*
> registration of "sl-rozaj-bisk". As the discussion is moving towards
> a wholesale update of all requested sub-dialect tags, I can make up
> for this omission when I file the updated requests.

John Clews adds:

Let's also remember the possible move towards having Resian as a
language in ISO 639-3, also discussed by the group.

In terms of the overall format, if that enables a simple tag like
"res" rather than
"sl-rozaj" it will also make for much simpler subtags like
"res-bisk..." rather than the more cumbersome

[res hasn't been checked by me as to whether or not it's an
Ethnologue code already, and I am assuming that "bisk..." will be
used rather than "bisk" (i.e. avoiding 4-letter subtags)]

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