Thor Kottelin thor.kottelin at
Sat May 31 20:45:18 CEST 2003

> Are there any instances of the use of this outside of that particular 
> novel that actually need tagging?

Since Newspeak words might be used in Oldspeak as well, the following search
results are likely to contain false positives, but nevertheless:

search term	Google results

crimethink	about 1040
doubleplus	about 1280
doublethink	about 15900
ingsoc		about 4270
newspeak	about 39100
oldspeak	about 1030
prolefeed	about 2280

Many (most?) of those results reference documents not part of the novel.

As language tagging is an intrinsically Good Thing, the need for tagging is
probably self-evident. Would this document be a web page instead of an email
message, I would have used '<span lang="x-en-newspeak">' nine times already.


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