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Sat May 31 19:12:59 CEST 2003

This thread has nothing to do with the Unicode list, and it is 
inappropriate that Marion cross-posts it there.

At 18:00 +0100 2003-05-31, Marion Gunn wrote:
>Ar 12:25 -0400 2003/05/31, scríobh John Cowan:
>  >Marion Gunn scripsit:
>  >
>  >> What, then, is the code for the English of 'Northern Ireland'?
>  >> (GB+NI=UK.)
>  >
>  >GB is, for better and worse, the code for the United Kingdom of Great
>>Britain and Northern Ireland.  No one has ever requested a code for
>>Ulster English: should anyone do so, its proper form would have to be
>  >devised for the purpose.
>Ulster has 9 counties (3 south of NI's border, 6 north):

The linguistic entity in question does not stop at the border, does it?

>I must ask if JC is personally proposing to reduce Ulster to 2/3,

Must you, indeed? This is childish rhetoric at best. If you are 
actually interested in a language tag for the dialect of English in 
question, do some  research and propose a tag for it.

>expressing a radically new USA policy,

Please keep your parochial political statements to yourself.

>or broadcasting for Reuters (some of us lay odds on the 3rd option)?

I doubt that there is a single person on the IETF Language Tags list 
who shares your opinion on much of anything. Whatever kind of veiled 
insult to Reuters or to John Cowan is encoded in the word 
"broadcasting", it is offensive, and inappropriate to the IETF 
Language Tags list.
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