The role of country codes.

Jon Hanna jon at
Thu May 29 15:04:07 CEST 2003

> While we could debate whether en-IE is or isn't the best example

It most definitely isn't, but an uneducated monoglot like me must make do as
best he can :)

> It seems to me Jon is concluding failure before considering possibilities.

I'm alluding to the debate between lang-country-script vs.
lang-script-country. If I thought there were no further possibilities I
wouldn't have bothered to say anything.

> IIRC, there are country-based differences within German in
> relation to both
> vocabulary and spelling, and the two don't coincide entirely. (In the
> discussion of de-1901 etc, I had initially advocated de-1901-CH
> etc, though
> ultimately conceded to de-CH-1901.)

Something like this is more accurate, but more than a little verbose. I
prefer accuracy to conciseness, but I like conciseness.

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