Here's what I have to say aboutthat?

Jon Hanna jon at
Tue May 27 13:08:40 CEST 2003

> > > Oh joy. We don't have consensus on the syntax for these tags either.
> >
> > Well to take my sub-objection to the syntax in addition to my objection
> to
> > the whole idea of script tags in 3066 is rather unfair.
> I have been surprised at how readily Michael has taken Jon's lone
> dissenting voice as indicative of lack of consensus since there have been
> occassions on which I was not exactly in favour of a decision but it
> didn't stop him.

Well the reason I asked for (another) show of hands is to verify whether I
am a lone dissenting voice. If I am I'll shut up (well I won't shut up,
dissenting voices make you stronger, but I'll agree that things should go
ahead despite my dissent) because while I may think this is unwise I can
hope that quick folly is sooner remedied than slow folly, and better still
I'd be happy to be proven wrong and if so I'd rather that happened sooner
rather than later.

I think the additions will give hackers more questions than answers. That
will not be to the long term benefit of real code.

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