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 > Can we have a quick show of hands now, not a vote per se, but can we
 > determine just how far we are from consensus?


Again? I thought that's what we were doing here... I saw responses from 
a number of folks, many invited by M.Everson as experts that he 
trusts/respects. There does appear to be general consensus on 
registering the limited number of tags in question. There is only 
question about one of the tags and that tag (sr-cyrl) has a number of 
well-articulated statements in favor of it from said experts.

The separate question of a generative mechanism or revisions to 3066 
should be kept as separate: there seems to be a number of good ideas and 
considerations that need to be discussed and digested before 
requirements can be laid out in full.

Given that Mark's submission with the "required" text references is now 
about a week old, I would suppose that we can expect some action by the 
Reviewer in about a week, one way or another, if we are to believe the 
procedure in the RFC.

I am disturbed the lack of specificity in the quasi-rejections
to date and the seemingly endless trips back to the beginning of the
process, in spite of what appears to me to be general consensus. It 
would be far better if the tags were just rejected for some palpable 
reason, rather than keeping in this kind of rolling non-approved (but 
not outright rejected) state. The RFC says nothing about the reviewer 
having a "pocket veto".

Do we really need to trek back to the archives and assemble a complete 
chronology of this discussion, complete with votes? Or does everyone 
have to "vote" again three days later, just to be sure that, to use 
another American electoral metaphor, the chads are not hanging loose 

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