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Michael Everson wrote on 05/22/2003 03:23:47 PM:

> I am beginning to think that it was a great mistake to encode 
> yi-Latn. It appears indeed to have opened the gates to a great 
> dumping ground of fixes for underspecifed software...

That's not a particularly helpful argument.

> Now we're looking at a whole 
> lot of duplicate language codes conflating this stuff.

sr-Cyrl constitutes a whole lot of duplicate language codes?

> I think we should go back to first principles and figure out whether 
> this RFC is supposed to do this or whether it is supposed to be a 
> simple extension to ISO 639.

>From another list member:

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote on 05/11/2003 01:41:40 PM:

> Given such a situation, I see good reason to allow both "sr-Cyrl" and 
> "sr-Latn" to be registered...

As I've been reading through catching up, I haven't seen anybody object to 
the general idea; the only concerns have been on certain particular 
requests, such as sr-cyrl.

> Mark, Addision, you guys go talk to Peter Constable, Peter Edberg, 
> Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, John Cowan and whomever else you like. 
> I'll meet Ken and Rick in Baltimore before the UTC and they can talk 
> to me about consensus.
> Right now I feel that we have NO consensus

That isn't what I'm seeing. On the contrary, I see everybody accepting the 
general idea of lang-script tags except that you are reconsidering; I see 
no objection whatsoever to most of the tags Mark requested; on certain 
requests I have seen a few express concern. Perhaps there isn't consensus 
on the use of defaults or on how dominant something has to be to be 
handled as a default, but that's it.

Like Addison, it's not clear to me why several of Mark's requests have not 
already been approved. I can certainly understand wanting to tread 
carefully in what is still a new direction, but I think there is consensus 
re the general idea on the part of everyone who has expressed an opinion 
except perhaps for the Reviewer himself. Let's just take a big breath and 
take the plunge.

- Peter

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