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This is kind of frustrating. The delay and the general opposition that you
feel appear to be linked in such a way as to prevent forward progress. Do
all nine proposed codes required the other eight to have "passed over the
bar" before they become approved? If not, what are the specific objections
so that they can be dealt with or appealed?

It seems, from reviewing the archives, that:

zh-hant and zh-hans have no opposition, either direct or theoretical.

az-cyrl, az-arab, uz-cyrl, and sr-latn have no opposition, except in
relation to the other proposed codes. There even appears to be support for

az-latn, uz-latn, and sr-cyrl have generated some opposing comment: the
comment is that they appear to represent a "default" and do not require
separate encoding.

There has been commentary on the list that these three are not actually a
default, providing at least anecodotal evidence to the contrary, or at least
not a default yet. I suppose that they might be rejected for lack of
additional or concrete evidence in the eyes of the reviewer: it would be
nice to know that.

It would also be nice to know why the other codes are "held hostage" to this

My hand is on my heart: I have real, substative need for these codes to
label my Chinese content and (for the others) to enable interactions with
.Net Web services (so that they return content in particular languages). I'm
not Ken Whistler or Peter Constable, but I am one of three or four "other

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> >Michael,
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> >If you are going to oppose them, I would appreciate it if you let me
> >know right away so that I can begin the appeals process.
> Mark,
> Get Ken Whistler and Peter Constable and three or four other people
> on board for them, hands on heart. I have serious doubts which all
> you have done is ignored. I don't think we should encode aliases for
> languages, which I think some of these are. I do not feel a surge of
> consensus. I feel that some of these are a hack that solve some
> problems and that you think by adding yi-Latn I have opened the
> floodgates for a whole lot of things.
> In the words of Mike Ksar on many, many characters proposed for
> 10646, I do not feel that these applications are "mature".
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