New item in ISO 639 - Kashubian

Håvard Hjulstad havard at
Mon May 19 09:29:48 CEST 2003

The ISO 639 Registration Authorities' Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) has
approved the following:

Alpha-3 identifier: csb
(No alpha-2 identifier has been assigned.)

English name: Kashubian

French name: kachoube

Indigenous name: kaszëbszczi jãzëk [That is: "kaszebszczi jazek" with
diaeresis on both e-s (00EB) and tilde on a in jazek (00E3)]

Kashubian is a Slavic language (closely related to Polish) used in Northern

For further information about the JAC and the maintenance of ISO 639, please

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