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Thu May 1 00:57:58 CEST 2003

At 15:44 -0700 2003-04-30, Mark Davis wrote:
>The RFC does not specify *any* script for, say, "az". That means that
>in language matching, it will pick up *any* Azeri; Cyrillic, Latin,
>Arabic, whatever. If you want to be able to select out only Cyrillic
>Azeri, then there has to be a code for that.

I rejected yi-Hebr because it was the default. Peter Edberg proposed 
that we devise a table of defaults.

>For resource lookup, it makes sense for an ISO-639 code to have a
>"default" script. But for language matching, one of the principal
>functions of the RFC, you need to have both the "overall" tag, plus
>each of the variants.

Then we are screwed and there will be no end of duplicate referents, 
and I really dislike that. :-( I do not think we should have 
duplicate referents. We return: What is the difference between az and 

I am a strong believer in one entity, one code.
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