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I am a little ignorant here, so perhaps someone will enlighten me.

I'll have to go to a library and look at an OED, but in the interim, I went to
their web site. The OED claims to represent English from all over the world.
It doesn't seem to restrict itself to U.K or British English and includes
American, Australian and other regions' English usages.

See http://www.oed.com/public/inside/

So I am not sure where the "GB" applies. This seems to be the English language
equivalent of es-americas.

Some of the articles about word additions seem to confirm OED's inclusivity:


So I am a little confused by the references to gb, au, us versions or
en-xx-oed and wonder why OED isn't simply considered a reference for
validating whether text is "en" rather than being proposed as a more specific

I seem to be missing the original registration email, which might have helped
me understand this.
As an aside it would be nice if there was a directory with the applications
that are under consideration somewhere.
Similar to the directory for the approved registrations.


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