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In message <3ED8DC1E.A348E935 at> Thor Kottelin writes:

> As language tagging is an intrinsically Good Thing,

Well, it's useful to do it when it's suitable to do it.
RFC 3066 describes the geeral context.

> the need for tagging is probably self-evident.

Probably _not_ self-evident, on the basis of the above
and previous evidence.

> Would this document be a web page instead of an email
> message, I would have used '<span lang="x-en-newspeak">'
> nine times already.

Why don't you just rely on doing that then? It's perfectly in line
with the RFC, and seems to be sufficiently well-formed as a tag
(i.e. the syntax is OK).

If you did that, other users are free to use it (if you inform them
of it, and _if_ they find it useful) or to ignore it (which is what
I would do if I came across it).

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