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In message <3EDA2E69.3690BD72 at> Thor Kottelin writes:
> > As far as I can see, "doublethink" is an English word
> Agreed. Since English Newspeak is a variant of English, I am suggesting it
> be tagged "en-newspeak", not "i-newspeak".

This is pointless, and off-topic, even though "1984" is one of my
top ten books, with lots of brilliant ideas in it.

No user needs, nor linguistic coherence, has been given for this

Language tags exist for a purpose as defined in RFC 3066.

If you feel that you have a need, x-newspeak would be available to
you, according to the provisions of the RFC.

But even as an "x-tag" I think that people would find themselves
inconvenienced by its existence, rather than helped.

To draw attention to newspeak, instead of requestig a language tag, I
suggest that you make lots of links to relevant sites om your own
website, or persuade somebody else to do so - Google and other search
engines will pick them up soon enough.

I hope that the Language Tag Reviewer sends out a rejection notice
for newspeak as soon as is possible.

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