Question: Scientific Latin and "la"

Sean M. Burke sburke at
Thu Jan 30 04:07:52 CET 2003

At 11:51 AM 2003-01-30 +0000, Jon Hanna wrote:
>Is "la" the correct code for modern Latin, as used in binominals in biology,
>or do we have a need for a new registration?

Are you just wondering on theoretical grounds, or do you have a specific 
application in mind?  I would say that "Antiaris toxicaria" is Latin only 
in the same way that 
"2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6-isopropylamino-1,3,5-triazine" is English.  That 
is, for some purposes, it's more Latin than anything else, but for other 
purposes you might as well just say it's not in any language, but is just 
one of those unspellcheckable and sometimes unhyphenatable things that 
usually get marked up as being in "technical" (or even "technical italic") 

Sean M. Burke

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