OS X 10.2.4 non-standard & unconstitutional

Peter_Constable at sil.org Peter_Constable at sil.org
Wed Apr 16 03:32:45 CEST 2003

Marion Gunn wrote on 04/15/2003 09:35:56 AM:

> Irish objectors to that non-standard and unconstitutional langtag are
> being told it was chosen by and/or given the IETF stamp of approval by
> an IETF-appointed langtag reviewer, which (unless that claim is bogus)
> makes its chain of responsibility go back directly to IETF/IANA.

Marion, please stop; this is really unnecessary, not constructive, and 
off-putting to members of this list. The issue you are concerned about is 
not in any way relevant to IETF or IANA: the label that you find offensive 
(on which matter I have absolutely no opinion) -- or a tag to represent it 
-- has not been registered with IANA, nor has such a registration until 
now been discussed on ietf-languages. 

This discussion is entirely off topic and inappropriate for this list. 
Please take it elsewhere.

- Peter

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