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At 15:24 +0000 2003-04-11, Jo Wilkes wrote:

>just my 0.02 Euro
>Jo Wilkes
>(PS: please excuse mistakes in this posting, I am in a hurry)

Well, Jo, no offence intended, but I can't resist.... Please say:

just my 2¢
just my two cents
just my ¤0.02
just my EUR 0.02

It works just like "dollar" does. One wouldn't say "just my 0.02 Dollar".

Euro isn't supposed to be capitalized (except at the beginning of a 
sentence of course. It also isn't supposed to be immune to normal 
pluralization, despite widespread silliness which pretends otherwise.

For more fun facts about the disastrous linguistic handling of the 
euro in Europe in the English language, see my web site under "The 
plural of euro is euros!" which has recently been updated.
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