_Logic_ for describing IPA as a script

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Subject: Re: _Logic_ for describing IPA as a script
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One swallow doesn't make a summer;
One [klu:z] does not a Latin make ...

In message <p05200a0ebabc6a3f43b8@[]> Michael Everson writes:
> IPA is not a separate script. How do you write Clews? [klu:z].

Ah, you can't generalise from a single example about all of IPA.

> Nor is it a variant of the Latin script: all of the letters in the
> example given here are ASCII letters. Ordinary, unadorned, Roman
> letters. IPA has additional letters.

Additional to Latin script: i.e, much of the Latin range, _and_ THETA
as you pointed out yourself. IPA uses not _just_ Latin script.

> So does Latin. Eth for instance.

Icelandic does use _just_ Latin script: ETH is a Latin script

Several people would like to see a script code for IPA, not just me.
It doesn't mean that they want to describe IPA as a script
particular, just that they want a script code for it, and have cited
various user needs.

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