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Fri Apr 11 13:51:44 CEST 2003

Jon Hanna scripsit:

> And indeed should I persuade ISO that my back garden was a sovereign state
> RFC3066 would allow en-JG. 

For the record, it is the U.N., specifically their Statistics Division,
that decides what gets on the list and assigns the numeric codes.
The maintenance agency for ISO 3166 takes this list and adds the
2-letter and 3-letter abbreviations to it.  Scurvily they keep the
3-letter codes proprietary, but this does not matter, because (a) they
are no different in coverage from the 2-letter codes and (b) the UNSD
publishes them anyhow.

> en-JG would be wrong because there is no such language 

If you were truly a sovereign state as recognized by the U.N., you could
pass national legislation redefining the English language as spoken in
your territory (changing the spelling or lexis, for example).

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