Jon Hanna jon at
Fri Apr 11 18:34:27 CEST 2003

> > Is there a distinction between az-Latn and az-Latn-AZ? If so, what is
> > it? If not, then only one tag is required in the language-tag
> > registry, surely.
> Is there a distinction in orthography between each pair of the following?
> Unknown, yet 3066 permits all of them, since it is better to be safe than
> sorry.
> en-AF, en-AL, en-DZ, en-AS, en-AD, en-AO, en-AI, en-AQ, en-AG,
> en-AR, en-AM,
> en-AW, en-AU, en-AT, en-AZ, en-BS, en-BH, en-BD, en-BB, en-BY,
> en-BE, en-BZ,

an so on...

And indeed should I persuade ISO that my back garden was a sovereign state
RFC3066 would allow en-JG. I would still speak en-IE though. Any use of
en-JG would be wrong because there is no such language and it hence
identifies something that doesn't exist, a bit like a null pointer.

IETF registration is intended to cover languages and dialects that do exist
but which don't have an unambiguous identifier from the range automatically

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