Update of en-scouse registration

Martin Duerst duerst@w3.org
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 12:19:11 +0900

At 20:27 02/10/04 +0100, Michael Everson wrote:
>At 18:04 +0100 2002-10-04, Jon Hanna wrote:
>>It's a question I would like answered, but if the answer is "no" I would
>>still suggest that en-GB-scouse more accurately reflects the dialect than
>>en-scouse and is comparable to the following:

>Is it really necessary for us to deprecate a unique tag (with all the 
>inherent instability this implies)? I am disinclined to accept this.

I agree with Michael (and Harald). Deprecating is a bad idea. en-gb-scouse
would have been another choice, and not a bad one, but we have already
made the choice, and should stick with it.

The hierarchy of language tags is a feature that can be used,
not a feature that must be used.

Regards,    Martin.