Update of en-scouse registration

Michael Everson everson@evertype.com
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 20:27:53 +0100

At 18:04 +0100 2002-10-04, Jon Hanna wrote:

>It's a question I would like answered, but if the answer is "no" I would
>still suggest that en-GB-scouse more accurately reflects the dialect than
>en-scouse and is comparable to the following:

It doesn't contrast with any other variety of Scouse.

>As well as the sgn-US-MA suggested as a possible registration in the
>examples in 3066 itself.

That is a different use of the geographical markers. Martha's 
Vineyard Sign Language is not genetically related to American Sign 
Language. Indeed, it is related to Kentish Sign Language!

Is it really necessary for us to deprecate a unique tag (with all the 
inherent instability this implies)? I am disinclined to accept this.
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