Problems with publication of ISO 15924

John Clews
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:01:07 GMT

In message <p05200a01ba0bddc1d5ef@[]> Michael Everson writes:
Re: Here comes the Yiddish

> But the language is still Yiddish. Can't you use a script code to 
> distinguish them? (Apart from the fact that ISO 15924 isn't available 
> yet.)
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Can't we use this as a stick to beat ISO/TC46/WG3 (Conversion of
Written Languages) with, as this is necessary anyway?

What ISO/TC46/SC2's inaction is doing is forcing IETF to do extra
work (i.e. providing sought tags) when it should be possible for
users just to quote the script tag from the (nearly but not quite
published) ISO 15924: Codes for representation of names of scripts.

If they've actual user needs to deal with from the Internet
community, that ISO is just holding up, they've no legs to stand on
and they should move.

I'm planning to contact the UK national member body for ISO/TC46
probably next week on this.

However, I think that it would be extremely useful if you could
circulate to this list what you circulated to me recently, which
suggested that pressure should be put on national member bodies of

If members of this list can also put pressure on their national
member bodies, that will be extremely useful.

Best regards

John Clews

PS: for the record, I was formerly Chair of ISO/TC46/SC2 (Conversion
of Written Languages) when it was still an SC rather than a WG,
directly reporting (in theory, rather than in practice) to ISO/TC46
(Information and Documentation).

I resigned a couple of years ago in strong protest at the total lack
of action by both ISO/TC46 and the Secretariat of what is now
ISO/TC46/WG3 on ISO 15924 and some other projects, who completely
ignored actions decided by the ISO/TC46/SC2 committee, including
Michael Everson and myself.

ISO/TC46  won't do anything unless pushed, and I think that members
of this group should help in the pushing.

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