Request for Registration of yi-hebr

Sean M. Burke
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 06:24:01 -0700



Name of requester          : Sean M. Burke

E-mail address of requester:

Tag to be registered       : yi-hebr

English name of language   : Yiddish, in Hebrew script

Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII): Yidish mit yidishe oysjes

Reference to published description of the language (book or article):

Wallich, Moshe.
"Ku bukh. [English & Yiddish.] / Book of fables : the Yiddish fable 
collection of Reb Moshe Wallich, Frankfurt am Main, 1697 / translated and 
edited by Eli Katz."
Detroit : Wayne State University Press, c1994.

Mendele Mokher Sefarim.
"Dos Mendele bakh : briv un oytobiografishe notitsen ... / fun Mendele 
Moykher Sforim ; artiklen un ophandlungen vegn Sh. Y. Abramovitsh (Mendele 
Moykher Sforim) ; tsunoyfgeshtelt un geshribn fun Nakhman Maysil."
New York : Ikuf, 1959.

Sholem Aleichem.
"Kleine menshelech mit kleine hashgoes."
New York, Shalom Aleichem Folksfund Oysgebe, 1918.

Whitman, Ruth.
"An anthology of modern Yiddish poetry. Selected and translated by Ruth 
New York, October House, 1966.

Kerler, Dov-Ber.
"The origins of modern literary Yiddish"
Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.
[uses both Latin and Hebrew script for Yiddish]

Zuckerman, Marvin S.
"Learning Yiddish in easy stages"
Malibu, Calif. : J. Simon/Pangloss Press, 1987.
[uses both Latin and Hebrew script for Yiddish]

Birnbaum, Salomo A.
"Yiddish, a survey and a grammar"
Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c1979.
[uses both Latin and Hebrew script for Yiddish]

Any other relevant information:

If you tag something with yi-hebr, this only specifies that it's Yiddish in 
Hebrew script -- it doesn't specify which of the various spelling systems 
are being used.

The primary language-tag for Yiddish used to be "ji", but was changed to 
"yi" in 1989.