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On 05/15/2002 03:55:53 PM Youngmin Radochonski wrote:

>For translation, we need to identify a generic, regional version of 
>This identity mainly concerns terminology, but can also affect syntax. 
>is standardized worldwide with respect to grammar and spelling...

I agree that this is a need; I've been hearing people in the L10n industry 
talk about this for some time. I would just request two things:

- I think it is extremely important that the registration make it clear 
*what* the basis of the distinction is. Specifically, the claim is not a 
distinct, coherent dialect, but rather a tailoring of data to fit the 
entire L. American market. That should be stated so that there is no 
confusion regarding what the purpose of this is, and what kinds of 
assumptions can be made about data that is so tagged.

- I agree with the previously mentioned comment that "america" can be 
confused with USA (as much as many residents of the Americas wish it were 
not so). What about "es-amerltna"?

- Peter

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