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At 17:47 +0200 2002-05-07, Havard Hjulstad wrote:
>>  To get an ISO 639 alpha-2 or alpha-3 identifier, there are some
>>  requirements. You will find it all described at
>>  http://lcweb.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/iso639jac.html. There is also an
>>  online form.
>>>>John Cowan:>>>
>BTW, when is the 639-1 freeze going to happen, such that we can be
>guaranteed that there will be no additions to -1 of languages already
>mentioned in -2?
>There are no plans to "freeze" 639-1 more than it already is. Additions to
>639-1 of items that are not added to 639-2 will happen only in "extreme"
>cases, if at all.

Håvard, does this mean you envision adding 639-1 codes which have
been agreed NOT to be added in order to facilitate tagging stability
on the internet? Every time this comes up it sounds to me as though
you wish to add codes which the JAC has agreed NOT to. I am extremely
concerned by this.
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And I repeat every time: The internet is not our only "customer", although
the needs of the internet community is very important indeed. We have not
made it "formally" impossible to add items to ISO 639-1, but the committee
recognizes the need to be extremely conservative. We all know that any
decision, however "final", is valid until a different decision is made. That
is called democracy. It is up to the responsible body to make the decisions
that are responsible and correct at any time. ISO standards have to be
reviewed at regular intervals. I cannot give out promises as to what future
committees governing ISO 639 will act. But personally I haven't so far seen
any arguments that I have found good enough to "thaw" ISO 639-1.

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