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Yves Arrouye
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:01:09 -0800

> I'm confused.  Do you mean "meaningless identifiers"? They look
> meaningless to me.  House numbers in North America (and in France
> also, it seems) have a few bits of meaning: the least-significant
> (numeric) bit tells you which side of the street the house is on,
> and it's often the case that you can deduce the cross street
> from the house number.  Similarly with the others.

Until, that is, when some smart <beep> decides to renumber everybody by
counting the distance in meters from the start of the street to the house.
We've got a house that went from an odd to an even number this way. Not to
mention people wondering why the neighbor of 650 SomeStreet was at 615...