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On 06/04/2002 12:41:32 PM Michael Everson wrote:

>>In that situation,
>>people want to be able to label that content so that it is ambiguous with
>>regard to Mexican vs. Colombian (vs. Guatemalan vs. Argentinan etc)
>>distinctions -- but they still want to maintain a distinction from Spain.
>"They"? Can we see some actual content? I am not sure this category
>is really valid. There are dialects in Spain which have many
>similarities with American Spanish.

I can't provide details, but I've been hearing from people involved in the
localisation industry for some time that they need to be able to identify
content targeted to all Latin American Spanish markets.

I assume that Youngmin Radochonski (the person from Sun who asked for this)
can provide the necessary motivating argument.

- Peter

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