ISO 3166 (country codes) Maintenance Agency Web pages move

Alain LaBonté
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:30:30 -0500

A 14:42 2002-02-27 -0500, John Cowan a écrit :
>It is often suggested that meaningless identifiers are more stable
>than Real World names.  I would point out that while no meaningless
>identifier has been in use for as much as two centuries,

[Alain]  What about phone numbers, postal codes, street numbers, to quote 
but the most obvious meaningful identifiers?

Alain LaBonté

My town's name changed on January first,
  since the town merged with the city of QC

Office postal code G1R 5R8...
Moving home on May 1st from G1G 3R8 to G2J 1P6...

Yes, CA [not California, please (; ]
  postal codes use a mix of letters and digits
(letter digit letter space digit letter digit)

Current coordinates:  46° 53' N -- 71° 17' O
(stable at least for a day, I hope)