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Alain LaBonté
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 17:47:13 -0500

A 17:36 2002-02-27 -0500, John Cowan a écrit :
>Alain LaBonté  wrote:
>>[Alain]  What about phone numbers, postal codes, street numbers, to quote 
>>but the most obvious meaningful identifiers?
>I'm confused.  Do you mean "meaningless identifiers"? They look
>meaningless to me.

[Alain]  I was intentionally kidding...

>  House numbers in North America (and in France
>also, it seems)

[Alain]  In Québec too... (;

>  have a few bits of meaning: the least-significant
>(numeric) bit tells you which side of the street the house is on,
>and it's often the case that you can deduce the cross street
>from the house number.

[Alain]  Not in Japan, of course, though...

>   Similarly with the others.
>Just how old are house numbers, anyway?  Not the *concept* of
>numbering houses (which seems to be 18th century), but actual unaltered
>house numbers?  Anyone know?

[Alain]  There are books published in Paris with street numbers much before 
this, I believe...

>ObFact: the "4711" on bottles of cologne (the real stuff) is a
>house number in Koeln, as established by the Napoleonic occupiers.