deployed language negotiation

Sean M. Burke
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:46:18 -0700

I've been trying to find any Web site recently that uses language 
negotiation (via Accept-Languages), beyond just Google and   So 
far all I've found is the web sites of an observatory in France, and the 
Education Network of Ontario.

Altho I might be thick, it seems to me that the government sites of Canada 
or Switzerland or the EU, or any similarly multilingual entities, should 
instead of making the user select which language he wants to see the site 
in, should default to the highest acceptable language in the 
Accept-Languages list.
Since that would not be an irrevocable assumption (there are "EN" , "FR", 
etc links on most pages of the sites I've seen where alternates are 
available), I am puzzled that there is not more language-negotiation on 
multilingual Web sites.  Is there some implementational problem with 
language-negotation that I'm unaware of?

Sean M. Burke