Language tags that denote writing systems
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:26:53 -0600

On 12/09/2002 09:49:29 AM "Jon Hanna" wrote:

>"Can I have a sound file please? yi-Latn or yi-Hebr would be acceptable."
>(Yes that's a nonsense request, but it's nonsense that is both easier to
>avoid sending, and easier to ignore the nonsensical part of if you have
>separate language and script codes).
>> >There is perhaps a similar need to be able to go from yi-latn to latn
>> >systems that need not know the language, but do need to know the
>> Can you think of situations in which a system needs to know the script
>> not the language?
>No, hence my tactical use of the word "perhaps" :)

BTW, in my "model" paper
( I do discuss usage
scenarios involving audio content, though I don't discuss what to do if a
user asks for content in a particular writing system or orthography but the
content is audio. Neither do I suggest any usage scenarios in which
metadata for script alone is required.

- Peter

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