Håvard Hjulstad havard@hjulstad.com
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 09:49:59 +0100

You don't have to list each item. A reference to a university library with
more than 50 documents is quite in order.

Håvard Hjulstad [mailto:havard@hjulstad.com]

Sean M. Burke [mailto:sburke@cpan.org] wrote on 9. desember 2002 06:50

Hm, when They ask for "Evidence of sufficient number of documents to
establish separate code per ISO 639-2 Annex A A.2.1", do They want the full
citation for each document?

I just telnetted to the University of California library computer and found
well over 50 documents.  I'd be happy to list them in full, or to just say
"University of California Library System (80)" or however many they
actually add up to.

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