Breaking the logjam: perhaps a new RFC on Script codes?

Michael Everson
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 09:24:48 +0900

At 21:37 +0000 2002-12-07, John Clews wrote:

>Even when approved, how would applications come in?

By e-mail.

>From a UK point of view, given the large number of Sylheti speakers
>in the UK, what would be the start to finish route (and timescale)
>for approval of a new script code for Sylheti nagri, for instance,
>given that Sylheti nagri is not currently listed.
>Can the ISO 15924 Maintenance Agency assign script codes on its own,
>or does each and every new script code assignment depend on the
>approval of what seems to be a rather cumbersome Joint Advisory
>Committee (JAC?)

There will be a JAC but it is expected to be run by *me* :-) so one 
may expect progress to be

>How many potential members of this JAC are identified already, from
>the several bodies from whom it has been drawn?

A.3.1 Composition
ISO 15924/RA-JAC is composed of:
* 1 representative of the Registration Authority (see 4.5);
* 1 representative of the ISO 639-2/RA;
* 1 representative of ISO TC46 (nominated by ISO TC46);
* 1 representative of ISO TC37 (nominated by ISO TC37);
* 2 representatives of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 (nominated by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2).
The ISO technical committees may nominate substitute representatives.

>If only the JAC can decide new script codes (and ISO DIS 15924 is
>unclear on this), how long before they are all in place, and
>therefore how long before new script codes can be assigned?

Some weeks. Don't be alarmed. It won't be run by people who don't 
give a damn about script codes. ;-)
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