Breaking the logjam: perhaps a new RFC on Script codes?

John Clews
Sat, 07 Dec 2002 21:37:06 GMT

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Michael Everson writes, inter alia, via

> John, obviously an RFC on script codes won't list all the script 
> codes (which will be available from the 15924 RA)

I should also ahve added, currently there's no ISO 15924 RA, until
ISO approves one.

This gives rise to a number of questions.

Even when approved, how would applications come in?

>From a UK point of view, given the large number of Sylheti speakers
in the UK, what would be the start to finish route (and timescale)
for approval of a new script code for Sylheti nagri, for instance,
given that Sylheti nagri is not currently listed.

Can the ISO 15924 Maintenance Agency assign script codes on its own,
or does each and every new script code assignment depend on the
approval of what seems to be a rather cumbersome Joint Advisory
Committee (JAC?)

How many potential members of this JAC are identified already, from
the several bodies from whom it has been drawn?

If only the JAC can decide new script codes (and ISO DIS 15924 is
unclear on this), how long before they are all in place, and
therefore how long before new script codes can be assigned?

I look forward to guidance.

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