Summary: de-DE-1996 is better than de-1996-DE
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 10:33:33 -0500

On 04/26/2002 10:15:36 AM Martin Duerst wrote:

>- There has been a claim that all authors write with the intent
>   of either using 1901 or 1996 orthography.

Clarification: there was a claim that, whenever people tailor content in
terms of vocabulary for users in one domain / region or another, they write
with the intent of using a particular set of orthographic conventions. If
you thought I was making a more general claim, I apologise for not making
that clear.

>   Otherwise, people
>   don't consiously write to a specific orthography the same way
>   they don't write conciously to a specific vocabulary.

And in those situations, people do not need to use tags with qualifiers for
either orthography or vocabulary; e.g. "de" alone is fine, indeed is most

- Peter

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