Request: Language Code "de-DE-1996"

Martin Duerst
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 00:22:38 +0900

At 19:28 02/04/24 -0100, J.Wilkes wrote:

 > No, if your perspective is the practical use for example, since all three
 > countries share many silmilarities. Many texts written in German language
 > are not specific to one country, since they don't contain country-specific
 > words or phrases. In that case, the orthography may be more important;
 > e.g. for trade or legal documents (of which the EU produces a lot).

Legal documents are very different in vocabulary in all three countries.
I don't know how the EU is solving these problems (well, at least they
have to solve it only for two countries).

Regards,   Martin.