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At 20:29 12/08/2014, Vint Cerf wrote:
>and that is likely the crux of our disagreement because some of us, 
>including me, think that we need precision in IDNs to avoid multiple 
>encodings that lead users into thinking they have typed what they 
>meant but they end up in the wrong place because the DNS discovers a 
>different registered string than the one the user might have intended.
>On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Shawn Steele 
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>(It's strange how the subject migrated to the changed one).
>I would prefer to err on the side of allowing people to type the 
>things they think they need to type.

Correct. This has a name: subsidiarity. The reason why we were able 
to accept the RFC 5895 text and get a consensus on IDNA2008 was that 
it introduced the Internet/network way to support end to end external 
diversity through subsidiarity at the fringe (RFC 1859) rather than 
at multiples edges (edge providers and IDNA2003) or within the 
network (my filter was simple no end to end MUST)

RFC 6852 has paradigmatically approved this conclusion. I appealed it 
for the very reason we discuss here: it means the end of an IAB 
enforced unique mathematicality (the actual standards being used for 
economic reasons do not need to be formal). I wanted this to be 
clarified. i.e. ISOC to say if the internet architecture is 
hierarchical (I can appeal) or heterarchical (there is no ultimate 
appeal). On March 14, 2013, the NTIA's sentence was a political 
dynamic layer violation: it is to be multistakeholderist :-)

It is not a response our computers and protocols are yet used to. 
However, ICANN has accepted to proceed that way, it means that the 
whole "I*linear hierarchical logic leadership" has progressively 
abdicated during the last 2 years [OpenStand: Aug. 22, 2012] in the 
hands of the TNCs.

This is reflected in the double constraint situation observed on Dec. 
14th 2012, in Dubai,

- the US BUG (being unilaterally global), after the Snowden revelated 
36 years old Executive protectorate (1977) is to be normalized 
through common US (colonial) jurisdiction by the removal of the NTIA 
(leadership is back to the FCC) and money elected and lobbied Congress.

- the RFC 6852 internet technical/commercial fragmentation as the 
"economics of global markets, fueled by technological advancements, 
drive global deployment of standards regardless of their formal 
status" that "contribute to the creation of global communities, 
benefiting humanity".

IMHO, we are now committed to the 1984 Tymnet/Extended Services 
multitude/polycratic/agoric oriented meshed syllogistics. It is 
required to address your IEN 48's second motivation which was to copy it.

Right now this will lead a few of us (some Libre IUsers) to 
consolidate my EZoP, HomeRoot, SuperIANA, Happy-IP, M&M model issues 
under  the Libre  "MYCANN" effort (not a competition, a contengency 
response to the NTIA, just in case ....).

I hope there will be others alternatives.

This is interesting as it will lead to an entire architectonical 
review of the networking domain (architectonics: comprehension of the 
infrastratum, the bottom structure) and to basic notions such as 
presentation layer, data/capta/tracta, meta/syllo/data, brainware, 
intellition, quiddity and haeceity (that will also be most probably 
fundamental in SDN and bigdata).

And to VGNs (Virtual Glocal Networks) ... you introduced at the very 
begining, with the key architectonical sentence:

"The term "local" is used in a loose sense, here, since it means 
"peculiar to the particular network" rather than "a network of 
limited geographic extent." (probably a fundamental contribution to 
the resolution of the disiciplinary unbiquitous "locality problem").

For the fun of history: en of May 1978 Robert Tréhin and I went to 
visit Louis Pouzin in order to propose him investingating a Cyclades 
VGN on Tymnet under the ACT technology Tymnet unveiled in June. 
Unfortunately, Louis explained us that he had no more budget and was 
to close Cyclades (in october if I am right) while Transpac started 
operating officially in september. A few billions users later on...

Long delayed.

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