idnkit-2.2 released

Yoshiro YONEYA yoshiro.yoneya at
Wed Oct 10 08:01:52 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I'm very pleased to announce that JPRS has released idnkit-2.2 which is
an implementation of IDNA2008, and it provides features IDN encoding 
conversion tool and APIs for application software.

The idnkit-2.2 and its additional packages are available from following URL:

Major changes since idnkit-2.1 release are:

- Licence update
  + Added license version (version 1.1)
  + Modified article 6 and article 7 of the license to be more advantageous 
    to the end users
  + Updated year of the copyright notice
- Correspond to RFC publication
  + IDNA Table version was updated according to RFC 6452 publication
  + Reference revision of UTS#46 was updated (3->5) according to Unicode 
    6.0.0 correspondence

I hope that the idnkit-2.2 is useful for IDN zone administrators, IDN site 
administrators, IDN-aware application developers, and I18N related protocol 

Please feel free to give your comments about the idnkit-2.2 to following 
e-mail address:
<mailto:idnkit-info at>


Yoshiro YONEYA <yoshiro.yoneya at>

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