Internationalization Terminlogy

John C Klensin klensin at
Sun May 15 18:28:11 CEST 2011


If you have any significant interest in internationalization,
and particular terminology used about it in the IETF, please
have a look at draft-ietf-appsawg-rfc3435bis-00.   Paul and I
have several editorial and fine-tuning comments queued up, but
are looking for more comments before we submit another draft and
ask the Apps Area WG Chairs to generate a Last Call within that
WG.  In other words, your last and best opportunity to submit
effective comments is now.

We are particularly interested in comments about what has been
left out that is relevant and important.  Comments about
definitions we have gotten wrong are also important.

FWIW, we are determined to keep focus on what the title
suggests: internationalization terminology used in the IETF (and
in IETF protocol work in particular).  Unless there is strong
demand in the community to change goals, we do not want to
expand this document into a general discussion of either
i18n/l10n issues that includes ones that the IETF has not
addressed and is never likely to address, nor a discussion of
character set terminology that has not been needed for IETF
work, etc.

Note for EAI participants: It is my hope that EAI documents will
be consistent with these definitions and will, where
appropriate, reference this document rather than inventing
definitions of their own.  

Note for IDNABIS participants: Note that this document does not
alter, or even repeat, any IDNA terminology.  IDNA-specific
terms are simply listed and cross-referenced to RFC 5890.

Substantive comments to apps-discuss at please; editorial
ones to Paul and myself.


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