Request for publication: New Version Notification for draft-faltstrom-5892bis-04

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at
Sun Mar 6 20:27:00 CET 2011

> FWIW, I think that would be wise.  It might even be a good idea
> to dedicate a few minutes to the Apps Area meeting to a review
> of the issues with this document because the principles --both
> about treatment of dissenting Contributors and Unicode version
> compatibility-- might affect other groups in the future.

If the scope of dissent is limited to the momentary wrangle over 03/10 
heartburn that has some utility.

However, the scope of concern over design principles, assumptions 
about the cost of memory, of signaling within protocols, the existence 
and size of character repertoires, ... is a large ensemble of 
engineering choices, which has some other utility.

The former may be tractable to write. The latter may resist reduction 
to a a mere note, or lack all but the largest of design choices not taken.


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