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Wed Oct 20 07:09:25 CEST 2010

I know this question has nothing to do with this mailing list but I am
just wondering is there any rule that decided whenever a sequence of
code-points have a certain percomposed form or if there is already a
code-point which has an identical display as for a sequence code-points
to be its precomposed form or not.


U+062d U+0654 this sequence of NSM and a normal character yield an
identical display for this code-point U+0681 


And you even check the description for U+0681   here :




>From the description of it you can clearly see that this letter is equal

U+062d U+0654


" 062d  <Unicode> ARABIC LETTER HAH"

" 0654  <Unicode > ARABIC HAMZA ABOVE"


So I think these two sets should be relatively as one of them is
precomposed of the sequence code-points 


Same as this example 

"0623 <Unicode> ARABIC LETTER ALEF WITH HAMZA ABOVE = 0627 <Unicode>

0654 <Unicode>"


There a lot of combinations of NSM with other code-points which are same
as the example mentioned above.




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