IDNA 2008 Question Re: "Confusable" Characters in Domain Names

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Wed Nov 3 18:27:37 CET 2010

On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 05:14:55PM +0000, john daw wrote:
> Dear List Members,I am a little unclear what impact the IDNA 2008
> policy will have ondomain name registrant's who have a domain that
> does not fall underthe policy's permissible code-points, particularly
> symbol-based domainnames.The IDNA 2008 protocol clearly explains what
> code point are permissible,but what (in practice) will it mean if
> someone types in e.g. €.com in theirbrowser under IDNA 2008?I do
> realise that an error message may be displayed, but will IDNA 2008
> allow the domain name registrant to satisfy the user's query by
> forwardingthem on to a different (legal) domain name?I will hope to
> hear any replies on this matter.Regards,John Daw 		 	   		  

Is this a good translation of your question:

    Are TLD registrars allowed to include CNAME RRs for domains
    otherwise not allowed either by IDNA2008 or by the registrar?



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