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Dean and all,

  I for one am not sure what an Internet "Dissident" is exactly, but
it is as you say rather interesting and a bit less than creditable that
Google and/or Vint would take such a position, if indeed such is the

  Todd, Jefsey, and Dr. Dan Bernstein are as far as I know and in my
experence as well corespondance to same, good folks.  So singling them
out as you indicate by Google and/or Vint seems rather like the pot calling
the kettle black, as it were...

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>Subject: Re: [Ietf-honest] IDNA2008 : planned appeal
>I will support the appeal.  It wouldn't be the first time that silence
>has endangered the stability of the internet. Given that I have recently
>been validated on DNSSEC cache-poisoning[*], I think it may be time to
>write another letter to the NTIA on this matter.  Please contact me
>offlist to contribute to the letter.
>Regarding the ban of JFC Morfin and others, I find it hypocritical that
>Google opposes censorship of Chinese political dissidents, but that the
>IETF and Google VP Vint Cerf support the censoring internet 'dissidents'
>including JFC Morfin, Todd Glassey, Dr. Dan Bernstein, myself and others
>who have been threatened but not blocked. Particularly since we've been
>validated or vindicated on nearly every criticism.  There is a fallacy
>circulated that no agrees with the dissidents. But like the Chinese, the
>IETF doesn't censor the people that no one agrees with. One censors the
>people that will get agreement. And it has unfairly and improperly
>censored and threatened people on the IDNA matter.
>Of course the truth eventually comes out, but in the meantime certain
>people benefit unfairly; they make money they aren't entitled to make.  
>I think they should be forced to disgorge those profits. As I wrote in
>my last NTIA letter on the DNSSEC matter, these unsavory affairs
>discredit the IETF, ISOC and other internet governance organizations and
>the people who lead them.  Similarly, ICANN, IETF, and registrars should
>not be allowed to move ahead until the clarity, credibility and
>integrity of these proposals are established.
>		--Dean
>[*] See DNSSEC cache poisoning links contained in 
>The IETF has known of these problems for a long time, and silenced me to 
>keep these problems quiet.
>On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, jefsey wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Further to the IESG announcement of their approval of the IDNA2008 
>> documents, I intend to appeal that decision. I will most probably be 
>> supported by others in so doing. This appeal will be a special appeal 
>> and will be carefully documented. The intent here is not to oppose 
>> the documents, which are in fact excellent and represent a major and 
>> positive step ahead for the Internet, but rather to oppose their 
>> publication without further work being carried out beforehand. To use 
>> IDNA2008, which is the Internet protocol for supporting IDNs, without 
>> the proper IDNA2010 work firstly being completed regarding its 
>> support on the user side, may create undesired confusion, high 
>> security risks and, therefore, an inappropriate and undesirable image of IDNA.
>> This is particularly the case of the ICANN Fast Track project 
>> (limited to a discriminated set of IDNccTLDs) and of the rather 
>> similar ATLARGE My Track project (open to every IDNg/ccTLD project). 
>> As one of the initiators of the My Track project, I will do my best 
>> to delay it until things have been clarified. None of the multiple 
>> contact attempts with the ICANN BoD Members, IDNs related staff, and 
>> key persons in their IDN area has resulted in response. By their 
>> silence they are endangering the stability of the Internet. They must 
>> be officially warned by the IAB, elucidated by the IESG, and assisted 
>> by documents from the IETF and IUCG.
>> Here is my projected calendar:
>> 1. to document the problem from the document that I sent to the IESG 
>> as the Chair of Project.FRA. It explained explaining what actions the 
>> ICANN's political precipitation obliges on us.
>> 2. to document how this kind of major problem (a complete change in 
>> the understanding of the Internet and domain name system 
>> architectures is involved) could be addressed.
>> 3. to appeal the decision before March 7, and to propose the most 
>> limited number of necessary changes in order to make it understood 
>> that this publication is excellent but that it MUST be considered as 
>> premature to use it.
>> I do not want this appeal to be considered as community dissent. 
>> Therefore, I will not discuss it on the workon at idna2010.org mailing 
>> list. I will be attentive, however, as to what may be discussed on 
>> this list, which is destined to work on an IDNA2010 BCP as to the 
>> different ways to implement and deploy IDNA2008 as a user, an ISP, a 
>> zone manager, etc.).
>> I hereby note that prior to the publishing of this intent of appeal, 
>> I have fully respected the appeal procedure: I let the WG/IDNABIS 
>> members know (I am banned from that WG) and I dialoged with, or 
>> reported to, the WG/IDNABIS Chair, the Application Area AD in charge, 
>> and the IETF Chair. This appeal is personal and does not involve any 
>> of my other IETF related duties and obligations.
>> Best regards
>> JFC Morfin
>> Internet User.
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Concerned regards,

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