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Dear Gihan,

Please let us not confuse the terminology and the two IDNA sides (Internet
and Users Applications).

- IDNA2008 is the protocol adopted by the IESG.
- IDNA2010 is the work engaged by the IUCG
workon at mailing list. This list already includes several tenths
of participants and has been discussed with the Chair, the AD and the IESG.
I am its facilitator. Now that IDNA2008 has defined the Internet side of
IDNA, IDNA2010 is to be a BCP documenting the way to interface it on the
users' side. I understand that Jefsey might ask in his appeal (or others)
that this list would become a WG/IDNA-USER to address the concerns expressed
by the AD.

This is why I keep the workon at mailing list moderated until I
know better from the Chair, the AD and the IESG. I intend to contact them
once Jefsey has better documented the target of his projected appeal. The
issue, on our IETF Users point of view is the irresponsible attitude of
ICANN which continues to carry its FAST TRACK project as if IDNA2008
addressed the users' side of IDNA and discriminates against roman IDNccTLDs
and IDNgTLDs for political reasons. This is alsowhy we need to better know
about ICANN intents. Mails were sent to BoD Members, Tina Dam, Steve Crocker
without any reaction so far. We consider that there are real security issues
at stake, with as a result a very poor image of IDNA, and a faster non
coordinated emergence of the virtual root usage.


2010/1/23 Gihan Dias <gihan at>

>  The proposed version of IDNA has been called IDNA2008.
> However, it is now 2010, when it will be approved.
> Should we, therefore, refer to the new IDNA as IDNA2010, so as to avoid a
> misleading label?
> I'm asking this as I'm preparing a presentation on the new IDNA, and am not
> sure what to call it.
> Regards,
> Gihan
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