Mapping Poll - REQUEST

Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at
Tue Feb 9 18:01:30 CET 2010

> There are, at base, two ways to look at mapping:

>    1.  Mappings need to be done in a context-sensitive way according
>    to the local needs of the local linguistic community, based on
>    data available in the local context.

>    2.  Mappings need to be done in a globally-consistent way, so that
>   the same input always results in exactly the same domain name, in
>   order that users cannot be surprised by the effects of what they
>   type when, for instance, they change environments.

IMO this accurately discribes the gulf between the two positions, however I would not say that we're stuck with #1 just because it was an idea some people originally had at the beginning of this effort.

If people that feel that #1 is sufficient for their purposes may have use the mapping doc (or something of their own, they don't even need the mapping doc since #1 allows for whatever you want).

Those people that require #2 may use UTR46.  I believe this includes all, or at least most, of the browser and UI facing vendors, which sort of disproves the need for #1.


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