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Subject: Mapping Poll - REQUEST

> Please read and respond to the recent long message that ultimately  
> asked for WG recommendations for moving forward on mapping.
> The Area Director is of the opinion that we do not have rough  
> consensus on a way forward, so expressing your position is essential.
> The options are tersely listed below:
> 1. Would the WG like to adopt the current "mapping document" as-is?


> 2. Would the WG like to engage in further discussion about this
> document, for example in the context of the Unicode TR46 that
> advocates substantially more mapping than the present "mappings"
> document?

language issues are too complex, we might never get a consensus.
We can not enumerate all the issues.
when this issuse is resolved, another will emerge.
The general framework may be necessary.

Yao Jiankang

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