IUCG comments on IDN-IAB

Nicolas Krebs nicolas1.krebs3 at netcourrier.com
Thu Sep 17 23:53:49 CEST 2009

>Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 03:20:55 +0200
>From: jean-michel bernier de portzamparc <jmabdp at gmail.com>
>To: IDNA update work <idna-update at alvestrand.no>

>mail sent by our Chair on behalf of the IUCG to IAB. These comments have
>been inserted in http://wikidna.org/index.php?title=WG-IDNA_LC.

>3. "While implementations of the DNS protocol must not place any restrictons
>on the labels that can be used, applications that use the DNS are free to
>impose whatever restrictions they like, and many have." Wouldn't these two
>rules contradict the proposed WG-IDNABIS charter change? Wouldn't they
>permit the support of cases such as Tatweel, Tamil figures, and French

What do you mean by "support of [...] French majuscules"?

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